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Primary care services

Bioidentical Hormones

Prolotherapy for tendonitis, chondrosis, osteoarthritis

Regenerative treatment for joint instability.

Screening labs for Celiac disease and dysbiosis.

Trigger point injections

Low Dose Naltrexone

In-office addiction medicine



North Sound Center For Integrative Medicine, PS


Our Mission

Treat and prevent disease with an approach that emphasizes changes in lifestyle to improve health, mental and spiritual well-being.

Getting to know you as a person to assist you in achieving a more individualized treatment plan.

Our work-up includes all of the diagnostic techniques available in traditional medicine along with treatment options that focus on the most cost effective and least invasive treatment plan with a focus on complementary and alternative medicine.

Your first consultation with Dr Johnston will be a full hour allowing you to communicate your concerns in a relaxed setting.

Dr. Johnston's Biography


Online access to the most up to date research for integrative treatment approaches.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine seeks to blend the best of traditional medicine with its diagnostic strength, with a more holistic treatment focus. Progressing to more risky treatment approaches only as necessary.

Avoiding fractured treatment based on multiple separate diagnoses.

Our communication approach is directed at empowering you to take a more active part in care decisions. Placing you in the drivers seat.

Avoid the need for more costly medications, procedures, operations and hospitalizations.

Give us a call, we promise to review your case and help you travel the maze, that is our medical system, in a safe and informed manner.

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Dr Johnston


Fellowship in DivitIntegrative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil.


Many years experience in clinic practice for general medical care, interventional pain medicine.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) options available for your treatment plan.


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